The Health Benefits of Reading

The Health Benefits of Reading

We are currently still in the lockdown/quarantine period, but it is important that we still try to add value to our lives mentally and physically. I have done that by reading and learning more with regards to my blog (business) and mindset but also on how to train and how the way I train and eat will be benefiting me.

I am seeing the great opportunity of training and development in mind, body and soul of this lockdown/quarantine period with how fast life and time goes, this has become a period for which we can learn to achieve our lifelong visions. My vision is Eternal Happiness and Financial Freedom and I do things working towards it, it may never be achieved, but working towards it is the process I want to enjoy.

The Benefits of Reading

  • Improves your imagination and creativity
  • Reduces stress and can help you relax
  • Increases your vocabulary of the language you read in and improves your writing skills
  • It keeps you busy, which is highly beneficial in helping you lose fat as it suppresses your appetite keeping your mind occupied.
  • Increases your emotional intelligence and allows you empathize with others
  • The obvious is that it improves your intelligence
  • It has also inspired me to continuously think of more solutions to problems that I’ve been having life.

Books to Read

Knowing the fact that reading has these benefits and that my vision is clear to me, I read according to this vision to ensure that I add the knowledge I can use to apply to achieve this vision. I also challenged myself to read a book a month as a goal for this year, I’ve also started using the Kindle App to read books, since it’s lockdown, I’ve pasted a link to the books I’m currently reading that I think you should read if you’re driving towards the same or similar vision of Eternal Happiness and Financial Freedom:


This book speaks of adding knowledge to your life towards financial freedom, it speaks of investing in your future now and being patient enough to see the fruits of your investment later. Forget about immediate gratification and putting in the work so that you may not work for money in the future, but rather letting it work for you. It provides a diagram to describe how the poor, middle class and rich people use their money, which you can use to reference where you stand and how you want to stand in future, also creating opportunities to make this happen.


The Capitalist Nigger speaks of the African race being a consumer race and not being self sufficient, speaking of being independent but still relying on our former colonial masters for the things that boost our economy, instead of learning from them, apply their knowledge and supply ourselves with what we need in the economy. Chika Onyeani speaks of us bluntly, being “economic slaves” now and it wasn’t a great taste in the beginning, but I decided to read it with an open mind to not see it as attack, but more an opinion that I can consider. Definitely not for the soft-hearted.


I used to read a lot when I was in primary school and early high school, but somewhere along the line, I didn’t make time. I decided this year I would, just with one book per month and I am halfway through but need to put in more work and recover so that I can achieve this, but more importantly, learn more things that I can apply to achieve my vision.

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